Minecraft Plastic Sword and Plastic Pickaxe Toy Weapon Review

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During the middle of my kid’s Minecraft obsession, one of their requests were to have Minecraft costumes for Halloween. It was pretty easy to find costumes that they would enjoy, but they needed some accessories to go with them. That is why we ended up buying a Minecraft Plastic Sword and a Minecraft Plastic Pickaxe to go with them.

There are a lot of different Minecraft Plastic Toy Weapons to pick from – but we ended up going with the “Disguise Store” brand option. They are the most basic of Minecraft Toy Weapons, but they really fit the need we had.

Below is our review of the Minecraft Plastic Sword and Minecraft Plastic Pickaxe from Disguise Store, and hopefully that will help you determine if these would be a nice addition to your toy collection, or if there is a different option that might be a better fit for you.

Quick Minecraft Plastic Sword and Plastic Pickaxe Toy Weapon Review

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We should probably start with the basic warning that these toys are made from some very durable plastic and can take a pretty good beating. With that being said, it isn’t uncommon for my boys to have some pretty big sword fights with these swords, and the occasional accident is probably bound to happen. Luckily, the injuries were never that bad, but it is always something to be aware of!

Both the Minecraft Plastic Sword and Plastic Pickaxe we purchased are officially licensed and made from 100% Injection Molded Plastic. The pickaxe is a “golden” pickaxe and has vibrant colors that really look like it was pulled from the video game. Length wise you are looking at about 16-inches with a width of about 12-inches. I love the size of this toy – it is big enough to make it fun but still small enough for a younger child to handle no problem.

The Minecraft Plastic Sword we bought is an “enchanted sword” meaning it different shades of purple. It also looks like it came right from the video game. Size wise, you are looking for a sword that is almost two feet in length and a width of about 12-inches.

You also have a few other options that we listed here that you can pick from as well besides the golden pickaxe and the enchanted sword! These swords and pickaxes will be the same size and made from the same materials, they will just have a different color scheme and look based on the materials they are supposed to be made from.

Those are the basics of these toys – read below to learn more about our personal experiences with them!

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Personal Experiences with the Minecraft Plastic Sword Toy and Minecraft Plastic Pickaxe Toy – Plus Our Toy Grade

Minecraft Enchanted Sword Plastic Toy

We have had a lot of fun with both the Minecraft Plastic Pickaxe and the Minecraft Plastic Sword over the years. Both of these toys have rotated between being outdoor play toys and indoor battle toys. They are durable enough to be used outside, to be banged against some things, and to stand up to the weather if forgotten about for a day or two.

However, excessive “mining” with the pickaxe on cement or other hard surfaces is going to cause it to crack or break – but this takes a major beating. We were impressed with how durable both toys have been.

They are both also very easy to clean. Just take a wet rag to them and dirt/grime will come right off. The sword is a great for battling with other toy weapons we have – and like we said, if your child can avoid being too rough, major injuries should be avoided.

There are some fancier Minecraft themed weapons out there, but if you are looking for something affordable, durable, but a toy that still looks good, these are a great option for you. Overall, we would give them a Silver Star rating because of how long they have lasted for us!

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I think most children would really love having this toy pickaxe or toy sword, but if you are looking for a few different Minecraft Toys, here are some great options!