Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set Review

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We have mentioned before how much we like to have our sons pick out a birthday present and a Christmas present for each other. I am always amazed at what they pick out, and they normally do a really good job of picking something that is for their sibling and not because it is a toy they want. This process is how we ended up with this Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure set, it ended up being a gift from my youngest son to my oldest son.

My oldest son loved Roblox long before we ever allowed him to play it (I’m assuming he watched some YouTube Gamers playing it or heard some kids at school talking about it), so this Roblox champions of Roblox Set ended up being a great gift for him.

So, check out this Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set Review and learn about our experiences with it to see if it would be a good fit for your toy collection.

Quick Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set Review

Roblox Champions of Roblox Figure Set Reviewed

This Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set is going to be pretty easy to review! For starters, it comes with six action figures that have a really cool knight theme to them. That is what drew my youngest son to them – he just loved the way they looked and thought they would be awesome for the battles and adventures my oldest son liked to have.

He was right. Now I don’t know enough about Roblox to give a full history of the set, but apparently the characters are based on the brave nights of Redcliff and the evil Korbloxians. What I do know is that each figure is about 2.5-inches tall and comes with a cool weapon! These weapons include a staff, swords, a mace, and a cool looking battle axe – plus one knight has a shield as well.

In typical Roblox fashion, the weapon can be mixed and matched with the other characters. You can also break apart the different figures and combine them to create your own unique figure as well. I do believe these figure sets can also be mixed and matched with other figure sets that Roblox produces.

These figures have turned out to be very durable – and they are easy enough to take apart and put back together that even a younger child shouldn’t have issues doing this. We did have one set of legs on one of the figures that didn’t want to stay attached to any figure in the set. I’m not sure if we got one figure that just wasn’t up to par, or if that was a common problem – but the other 5 figures were rock solid!

There really isn’t a lot more to these toys. If you are looking for smaller action figures that look awesome and have cool weapons, these are great options for you. They still go on battles and adventures for my oldest son – and I can’t stress enough just how impressed with the look I am! Overall, we are very happy with this buy!

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Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

Like we said above, we are very happy we ended up with the Roblox Champions of Roblox Action Figure Set. Our son has loved playing with this toy, and I imagine it would make a great addition to any toy collection of a Roblox fan.

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