Minecraft Ancient Tomb Collector Chest Toy Review

Minecraft Collector Chest Toy Review

I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes my kids will get a little obsessed with something – like Mario Brothers or The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – or in this case, Minecraft. And when we are in the middle of that obsession, it seems like they try to collect anything and everything about that topic.

That is part of the reason we currently own this Minecraft Ancient Tomb Collector Chest. It wasn’t one of the toys that was on his radar, but it is one that we ended up buying him for his Minecraft themed birthday party. There are some cool things about it and some cool ways that my son uses it, so it ended up being a nice gift in the end.

Take a look at our Minecraft Ancient Tomb Collector Chest Review to see if this is a toy you should think about buying for a Minecraft fan you know!

Quick Minecraft Ancient Tomb Collector Chest Review

Minecraft Collector Chest Toy
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The Minecraft Ancient Tomb Collector Chest is meant to look like a chest when closed, and when opened, it exposes an ancient tomb on the inside. When closed, the treasure chest is about 4.5-inches tall with a length of almost 9-inches, and a depth of almost 4.5-inches as well. And it does have that Minecraft chest look to it.

When you open the chest, you will see an ancient tomb that even includes columns, caves, and steps. The top of the chest will open up like you expect, but the front wall will also drop down as well, displaying those ancient tomb caves. The top piece can be “locked to stay” open, displaying the “column” looking part of the ancient tomb.

This Tomb Collector Chest does come with a miniature figure that you can use to play in the ancient tomb toy. The real reason behind this toy is to get you to collect a bunch of mini figures, since it can store/display up to 32 of those at a time! We never had the patience to collect that many miniature Minecraft figures, but more power to you if you do!

And really, that is the basics behind this toy. It doesn’t do anything crazy special but does have some nice design features to it.

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Final Thoughts on the Minecraft Tomb Collector Chest

bronze star grade

Like we said above, this is a very basic toy that doesn’t do a lot but does have a cool Minecraft look to it. My son does like to play with it from time to time as an Ancient Tomb Minecraft Tomb, but he also enjoys just using it as a storage box for other toys and hiding it as a treasure chest in some of his other adventure games.

It is hard for me to give this toy anything but our bronze star rating, but I will let you know that I think kid’s that love Minecraft or collect miniature Minecraft figures will really like this toy. It will also be more fun if your child likes to be creative with it.

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