Fortnite Peely Solo Mode Action Figure Review

Fortnite Peely Go Solo 4-Inch Action Figure Review

It is funny, my kids have never actually played Fortnite, but they have seen enough gamer videos on YouTube and had enough friends talk about the game, that my youngest son actually wanted to have some Fortnite toys. And even stranger, my oldest son has pick Fortnite character costumes for the past two Halloweens – without ever playing the game! You can see the effects of Fortnite fandom all over the place.

My youngest son ended up requesting a bunch of different Fortnite Character Toys for Christmas (you might as well have those toys if you aren’t allowed to play the video game yet) – and one of the toys he got was the Fortnite Peely Solo Mode Action Figure!

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a lot about Fortnite, but I will tell you he was pretty excited to have a Peely Action Figure, and more surprising to me, is that action figure is being played with a lot! So, here is our Fortnite Peely Solo Mode Action Figure Review, so you can read about all the fun experiences we are having with it!

Quick Fortnite Peely Solo Mode Action Figure Review

Fortnite Peely Solo Mode Action Figure!

Let’s start with the basics – in case you didn’t know, Peely is an epic outfit in the Fortnite Game that you could unlock when you reached tier 47 in the Season 8 battle pass. That probably doesn’t mean much to most parents – but basically Peely was a special “outfit” or “skin” that your character could earn – and Peely became an instant hit.

This Peely Action Figure is based on that video game look – and is basically a giant banana. This figure is about 4-inches in size and has 25-points of articulation. Basically, that means his hands, feet, knees, and other body parts move – letting you do some fun action moves with him. This figure does stand on its own, but also includes a “metal” building piece that Peely can stand on as well.

Those “building pieces” that come with these solo mode action figures can be combined and snapped together with other “building pieces” in the different action figure sets. This Peely action figure also comes with his “Peely Pick” harvesting tool – which is basically a peeling banana on a stick – but it makes for an interesting weapon/harvesting tool!

That really is the ins and outs of this toy – it is not overly complicated. I would say it is the fun and outrageous look of this character and even his harvesting tool that really makes my son like it. Peely has been involved with wrestling matches with WWE characters and has gone on many adventures with the other Fortnite toys my son owns – making him a great addition to the toy collection.

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Final Thoughts on the Peely Action Figure

silver star

Like we said above, there is nothing special about this action figure, but the fun look and feel of this Peely Fortnite toy makes it a winner in our house. It is best when paired with other Fortnite toys – or other action figures if your child has a great imagination!

Overall, I’ve been very happy with how Peely has been played with in our household, and I have no problem giving it a Silver Star Rating. And even if your kid doesn’t play a lot of Fortnite but loves those odd and obscure action figures – this could be a fun choice for them!

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