Nerf Elite Digital Target (Blue & Orange) Review

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At the time of writing this review, I think we own about 9 different Nerf blasters ranging from single shot nerf weapons, to sniper rifle themed nerf weapons, to automatic battery powered Nerf weapons. If you have a Nerf arsenal this big, you need to have a few Nerf targets to practice on. That is why we ended up buying the Nerf Elite Digital Target to add to our collection.

This Digital Target has a lot of cool features and a great design that has made it a nice addition to our toy room. And personally, I enjoy no longer being the main target for Nerf weapons in the household – that was a nice bonus to buying this toy.

So, check out the Nerf Elite Digital Target (Blue & Orange) review to see if you should add this target to your Nerf Collection!

Quick Nerf Elite Digital Target Review

Nerf Elite Digital Target Review

Let’s start with the basics. The Elite Digital Target is 9.25-inches tall and 11.75 inches wide. It has a neat blue and orange color scheme, which is why you will sometimes see this target referred to as the Nerf Blue and Orange Digital Target. There are seven different sections/targets/buttons on the front of the target with different point values assigned to them that you will be aiming at.

These sections include four 10-point targets that make up a circle on the outside, two 20-point orange targets that make up a smaller circle on the inside of the 10-point circle, and one 50-point white circle in the very middle.

The target includes three different modes you can select from by pressing the mode button located on the front of the target. Each mode can be played in 1-player or 2-player format. Mode 1 gives you seven shots at the target, and the person who scores the most points win. Or in 1-player format, this gives you an opportunity to beat your high score! Mode 2 gives you 30 seconds to hit the target as many times as you can. The player with the most points wins.

When you are playing in Mode 3, a certain button/target will light up, and you have 10 seconds to hit that target. Even if you hit the wrong target, keep shooting – because those missed shots don’t matter, you get the full time period to hit it. This mode will work its way through all seven sections you can hit, and high score wins! These three different modes provide enough variety that it helps keep target practice fun.

The LCD screen will keep track of the points each player scores in each mode – so you won’t have to debate what you scored with anyone. The targets are sensitive enough that they read contact with darts easily – so you shouldn’t have any complaints about shots that didn’t count but should have.

Another really nice feature of the Nerf Elite Digital Target is that it has a built-in base that helps with stability and using the target on the ground, but it also has the ability to be hung from a wall. There is a little slot on the back of the target that fits a nail perfectly, so you could make this Nerf target a hanging target in a matter of seconds. There is a plastic tab you pull down on the back of the target to unlock the base if you want to use the target on the ground – and you can actually adjust the angle of the target from straight up and down to having a lean depending on what you want it to look like.

The target does make a lot of noises and music sounds when being operated – so hopefully you don’t get to annoyed by those types of things. It does also require some batteries that are sold separately, but that is only a minor inconvenience.

Overall, this is a really good Nerf target that we were very happy with once it was added to our collection.

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Final Thoughts on the Nerf Elite Digital Target

silver star

Overall, we would recommend adding the Nerf Elite Digital Target to your toy collection. You have a nice variety of game modes to play, I love how you have the option to play multi-player, and I love how the base allows you to play with this target almost anywhere. Plus, the size is perfect for storing in a bedroom and not taking up too much space!

Really, the only downside is the sounds and noises it makes and the fact that you have to get batteries for it. Luckily, those are pretty easy things for us to look past – so we are going to give this Nerf Elite Digital Target a Silver Star Rating and think you will love it!

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