Nerf Bulls-Eye Target Review

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My youngest son is a huge fan of Nerf. Every time he sees a new Nerf gun, he asks if he can get one, and we have bought a lot of them over the years! So, we thought it would be a good idea to buy him something to shoot those Nerf guns at (that isn’t a pet, parent, or sibling)! That led us to buying the Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target!

And the good news is we have been seeing less shooting of brother, and more shooting at a designated target. Which we call all agree, is a good thing.

Overall, we have been very happy with this Nerf target. We have enjoyed some fun family shooting competitions and has been a fun target for my son to setup for some independent playtime. So, check out our Nerf Bulls-Eye Target review to see why we think this will make a nice addition to your Nerf collection!

Quick Nerf Bulls-Eye Target Review

Nerf Bulls-eye digital target review

We bought the Nerf Bulls-Eye Target because we needed something for our kids to shoot at that weren’t each other…or a parent. This was one of the targets we purchased because we liked the design. The target from the base to the very top is about 14-inches in height and about 8-inches in width. It isn’t a large target, making it easy to place pretty much anywhere you want. The base is thick enough to stand on its own with no problem.

Attached to the base are six “flip back” targets. This means if you shoot them, they are going to flip backwards so you can’t see them anymore. And this system actually works really well, the Nerf guns hit them with enough power to flip them back with ease. Each flip back target also has a different point amount on it – starting with a 5-point target in the lower left corner, 10-points in the bottom right, 15- & 25-point targets in the middle, a 50-point target in the upper left corner, and a 75-point target in the upper right corner.

There is also the 100-point target that is not a flip back target, but actually an orange button that is on top of the base. I’ll be honest, it took me a moment to realize that was actually a target!

There are 3-different modes, and you can do each mode either in 1-player or 2-player format. The first mode is you set a time limit, and your goal is to hit as many of the flip back targets as possible. It will tell you how many points you have at the end of the round. The second mode allows you to pick a time limit, and there is a blue light on the left-hand side of the target and a red light on the right-hand side of the target. The goal is to hit one of the flip back targets on the side that has the light on it.

The third mode is you trying to hit the targets in order – starting with the 5-point target and finishing with the 100-point target on the top of the base. All of these modes are fun, but the first mode is the one we play the most, we just want to hit as many targets as possible!

It is really easy to select the different players/game modes. There are three buttons at the base, a mode button, a select button, and an activate button – and even younger kids won’t have an issue figuring out how to switch between different games and select the number of players!

Overall, this is a fun target!

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Final Thoughts on the Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target

silver star

Like we said above, we are very happy we bought the Nerf Bulls-Eye Digital Target. It has provided a lot of fun time as a family shooting different Nerf guns at it – and seeing who the best shot is! I also love just how easy it is to operate, change game modes, and things of that nature – it is so simple that my six-year-old has no problem setting up the target for himself. Also, the target is sensitive enough that it reads the darts smacking it with no issues.

And of course, we like how it has reduced me being the Nerf target of choice in the household. Overall, we are going to give this Nerf target a silver star rating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets treated like a Gold Star toy in a Nerf fanatic’s household.

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