WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage (Steel Cage) Toy Review

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It is always amazing to see your child’s interests change from year to year. My oldest has gone from Mario Brothers to Pokémon to Minecraft to his newest obsession – WWE wrestling. I knew it was only a matter of time before this became one of his main interests since I loved wrestling as a kid, and me and his Uncle Chris talked about wrestling all the time – and might still enjoy watching a Royal Rumble or two.

One of the requests on my son’s Christmas list was the WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage toy set. He needed a place for all of his new wrestling figures to wrestle, and what better place than a steel cage!

So, if you know a kid that loves wrestling and wrestling figures, this WWE Steel Cage Ring would be a great addition to their toy collection. We have loved it and thought we should share our thoughts on why this toy is pretty darn cool in our WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage Review!

Quick WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage Toy Review

WWE Wrekkin Collision Cage (WWE Steel Cage Ring) Review

The WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage Toy is a really well put together “Steel Cage” type ring that children should love playing with. There is some assembly required – you need to attach stickers to the ring and turnbuckles, you need to attach all of the steel cage wall pieces together, the ring ropes needs to be snapped into place – just some very basic things. And honestly, I have to give this toy props, the assembly process is beyond simple. The ropes will slide right into the turnbuckles, the cage pieces snap together easily, and once the steel cage is assembled it will slide/clip right into the four corner posts. It is easy to connect, and very secure when clipped in. This entire process will take around 5 minutes.

The ring itself is about 13-inches by 13-inches in size and is springy! This gives the wrestlers wrestling inside the ability to bounce a little bit. The cage goes around the ring and is about a foot high from the ground to the top. The ropes have a great bounce to them – allowing for some awesome wrestling moves. I have no complaints about how the cage and ring are setup!

This WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage does have some unique features that increase the fun as well. For example, there is a piece that snaps into the steel cage door and one of the walls of the steel cage that can be knocked out. So, Your Rock Wrestling figure can toss your Mankind wrestling figure right thru certain parts of the cage. There is also a section of the cage that can be opened to create a big entrance area.

Some bonus equipment that comes with this toy includes some steel cage stairs, a couple of kendo sticks, a crutch, and a nightstick like the Big Boss Man would carry around. The stairs also have a big switch that you can hit that basically turns the steps into a launcher. My kids always love putting a wrestler on the stairs and launching them by smacking the switch.

Overall, this WWE Steel Cage Wrestling Ring Toy is going to bring a lot of enjoyment, and is the perfect battle ground area for all the wrestling action happening in your household.

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Final Thoughts and Our Experience with the WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage

Gold Star Rating

Both of my children have really loved playing with the WWE Wrekkin’ Collision Cage! I would even say a wrestling match or two have broken out while they were arguing about whose turn it was!

The ring and cage setup is awesome, the setup was very simple, and I have no complaints about the toy. My Kids love playing with it, and it is the perfect vehicle for all of the wrestling matches and Royal Rumbles that my kids have. This was high on my son’s wish list, and I’m glad we purchased it for him. We are going to give this one a Gold Star Rating.

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