Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox Review

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I’m not sure why my wife and I were struggling so much to think of toys that my five-year-old son would like for his birthday, but we were. We ended up doing some searches on Amazon and other places – and one of the toys that really stood out to us was a Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox Set.

And we are really glad we ended up buying it. My son loves sensory type toys, he loves using his imagination, and this Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox has allowed him to have some enjoyable playtime experiences!

I’ve also caught my eight-year-old son having a lot of fun with this toy as well, which is always a good sign! So, please enjoy our Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox Set review, and we hope it helps answer any questions you might have about this toy!

Quick Kinetic Sand Constuction Site Sandbox Set Review

Kinetic Sand Construction Site Toy Review

This Kinetic Sand Construction Site Sandbox is rated for children ages 3+ and will provide hours of sensory toy fun! This set comes with a yellow and gray case that is going to hold all of the sand. Included in that case is a toy crane that has a wrecking ball attachment and a sand bucket attachment. Of course, the wrecking ball attachment is perfect for smashing everything you build, which is what my child is all about.

Also included is a dump truck toy. The back of this dump truck is a brick maker. The brick maker detaches from the dump truck and has 3 slots you can fill with the Kinetic Sand to make stackable bricks. My kids absolutely love creating the bricks and building with them – they will even take turns with one person creating the bricks and the other one building with them.

If you have never used Kinetic Sand before, you are going to love it. It sticks together and feels almost like a foam. It is extremely easy to break apart and stack, it is easy to roll into different shapes, it is easy to do…. well basically anything you would like to do with it. Your kids will love it.

The case does a really nice job of keeping the crane, truck, and sand contained – and provides plenty of play space for the building to take place. With everything included the case weighs about 2-pounds, so children won’t have any issues carrying it around from place to place. It is also really easy to open and close, which is perfect for young children.

We have had this Kinetic sand in the case for over a year, and it still holds and forms shapes just as well as when we first bought it, which is exactly what you want. There are other Kinetic Sand bags and playsets that you can purchase – and the sand would work fine in this set as well.

Between the sand, box, crane, truck, and brick maker – your child should have lots of building and breaking fun!

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Final Thoughts and Kinetic Sand Construction Site Toy Grade

Gold Star Rating

This Kinetic Sand Construction Site Playset has turned out to be one of the best gifts my son received at his birthday. Not only because the Kinetic Sand is fun to play with and he loves using the construction equipment to build things, but because it has also been incorporated into his other toys really well.

For example, it is not uncommon for me to find one of his PJ Masks Characters buried in the sand, or other toy cars that have been incorporated into his gameplay to be found in the sandbox when we are looking for them!

Because of these reasons, and because even my older son loves playing with this toy, we are going to give it our highest Gold Star Rating, and we won’t be surprised if the Kinetic Sand Construction Site becomes one of your child’s favorite toys as well!

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