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If you are like us, you are always looking for different board games to play as a family – and hopefully you can find a board game that they like so much they will play on their own! Luckily for us, this Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game has fit that bill!

Labyrinth was a board game that was released in 1986 and was a game I remember playing a lot as a kid. This version has been updated to include Pokémon characters – creating a great mashup of board games and Pokémon, two of the things my kids like the most! Knowing that my kids will play with anything Pokémon themed at least once, let’s me know that they are going to give this game a fair chance!

So, here is our Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game Review – including basic information about the game, our fun experiences with it, and even some bonus review links to other board games and Pokémon toys we have reviewed in the past!

Quick Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game Review

Pokémon Labyrinth Board Game Review

One of the best things about this Pokémon Labyrinth board game is that it is very easy to learn. My seven-year-old had all the rules figured out in minutes and was able to quickly teach his grandma how to play in no time.

Once you open your game, you are going to find a game board, 34 square maze tiles, 24 Poké Ball tokens, and four cardboard Pokémon that you can insert into the little plastic base. These four Pokémon are the characters you get to pick from – Pickachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. If you remember old school Pokémon like me, these are the four that every kid was choosing from. Luckily for me, I got one kid that always picks Charmander and one kid that always picks Bulbasaur, so we don’t get into any arguments over who gets to be who!

Once you have your characters selected, you are going to shuffle those 24 Poké Ball tokens and evenly distribute them to all the players. Keep all of your tokens face down, and don’t look at any of them except for the top one. The object of the game is to be the first player to capture all of the different Pokémon that are in your pile!

You are also going to take those 34 square maze tiles and randomly place them onto all of the empty spaces on the game board. This is going to create a giant maze with lots of twists and turns. There is going to be one extra tile, that is going to be given to the player who is going first.

The player that is going first is going to insert the maze piece into the board – there are 12 different slots where you can insert a piece into. This is going to push a piece out, and hopefully create a path for you to travel. You want that path to go to the Pokémon token that is on top of your pile, so you can capture them and start the process of winning the game!

It really is that simple! There are some basic rules like you can travel through walls, if your piece is pushed off the board, it goes to the opposite end and is placed on top of the piece that was just inserted; a maze tile that has been replaced cannot be inserted back into the board at the same place is was pushed out (sometimes kids try to undo the move that you just did – that would be illegal) – those types of things. But there is not an overwhelming number of rules, making it very easy for any kid to quickly grasp how to play.

This is a great game for two, three, or four players – and can be a game that kids can easily play independently. Plus, the game includes some really cool Pokémon to capture like Snorlax, Evee, Gengar, and some other generations of Pokémon, meaning there should be some that your kid likes!

It really is that simple – be the first player to capture all of your Pokémon and win. We have been very glad we bought this game and have enjoyed seeing our kids play with it over and over again. We would highly recommend it for Pokémon fans, or families that love playing board games!

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