Great Toy Gift Ideas for 2021

We understand that sometimes you need inspiration. It can be difficult to find that perfect toy…heck, my wife and I have difficulties finding enough Christmas and Birthday toys for our sons from time to time.

So, we wanted to help you out and give you a list of great toy gift ideas for 2021. A lot of these toys have been a big hit in our household, and we have also included links to a lot of our most popular reviews!

This list is going to be updated constantly, so check back regularly, and we hope you enjoy our list of 2021 Toy Gift Ideas.

Indoor Play Tents

Rocket Themed Play Tent

This one seems pretty simple, but every playroom seems to need an indoor play tent. We did a review about our Indoor Castle Play Tent years ago – and that tent is still going strong! It is also still a major part of our kid’s playtime adventures – which is why we recommend having this type of toy in your home.

The other great thing about indoor play tents is there are about 100 different choices, with different themes and different color schemes that children are sure to love. One of our most popular articles ever was our list of the best Indoor Play Tents and it will be a great resource for you if you are in the market for one!


If that article doesn’t give you an idea for a great indoor play tent, I don’t know what will!

Little People Toys

Fisher-Price Little People Noah's Ark

If you know a toddler or younger child that is in need of a toy, Fisher-Price Little People Toys could be the solution for you! These toys are great because they are built with young children in mind – giving them a safe toy that usually makes all sorts of sounds and probably lights-up as well!

Little People Toys also have an incredible selection – ranging from fire trucks and airplanes, to clubhouses and racetracks. You are going to be able to find a Little People Toy that your child is interested in!

We have had great experiences with Little People Toys which you can see here in our personal reviews about them:

And of course, if you want a full scope of all the Little People Toys you need to check out this article:


If that article doesn’t showcase all of the Fisher-Price Little People Toys that are out there, I don’t know what will!

KidKraft Kitchen Sets

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set

It seems like every kid needs to have a kitchen set, and KidKraft makes some of the best 2021 Kitchen Set options you can get! What you are going to like about these kitchen set is the vast number of colors and styles you will be able to pick from!

You are also going to love all the little features that these KidKraft Kitchen sets have. They normally have knobs that turn and click, doors that open, oven and refrigerator trays that slide out, and all sorts of little bells and whistles that make these kitchen sets really fun.

The one thing you aren’t going to like about them – the building time! It took us a few hours to put ours together. Read all about our experience with our KidKraft Kitchen Set by clicking on this link: The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set Reviewed.

For the full selection of different KidKraft Kitchen sets – and you will be amazed at just how many there are – click on the link below.


I don’t think you will regret having an awesome kitchen playset in your toy room.

Super Mario Brothers Toys

Super Mario Brothers Remote Control Car

We all know there are some awesome Super Mario Brothers video games out there, but did you know there are dozens of great Super Mario Brothers Toys to pick from? We are talking everything from RC Remote Cars, to Bowser Castle Play Sets, to all sorts of different figure sets and board games!

There are definitely enough play sets and varieties of toys to keep children entertained. And if you are anything like our household which went through a major Mario Brothers love fest – you are going to love just how many different options there are to play with!

I definitely have to recommend the Mario and Luigi Anti-Gravity RC Racers and the Bowser Castle Playset as amazing toy options. I know even I have had a lot of fun driving the RC Racers around our house! To see more about our personal experiences with these toys, check out these reviews:

And of course, if you want to see 20+ different Mario Brothers Toy options, check this link out!


If your child loves the Mario Brothers, they are going to love these Mario Brothers Toys!

Toddler Transportation Toys

Green Toys Toy Rocket- toy ideas for 2021

There aren’t many toddlers that do not love toy trains, cars, trucks, boats, planes, and all those other transportation toys. I know when our sons were younger, they got excited at every dump truck, garbage truck, and piece of construction equipment that they saw!

And you could easily become overwhelmed with just how many Toddler Transportation Toys there is. You have everything from toy cars and trucks, to ride-on-trains and sit-and-push toys that they can take for a ride. We will try and make this easier for you by sharing some of the personal stories of the toddler transportation toys we have in our house, but also give you a big list of some of the more popular toddler transportation toys as well!

Personal Experience Reviews:


This toddler transportation toys list has great pictures of different planes, trains, cars, and trucks from some great toy companies, that will hopefully give you some great ideas.

The Best Bluey Toys

Bluey Family Car Toy

Okay, this toy suggestion is geared towards a certain group of kids that watches to much Disney Jr., but the toys based on the TV show Bluey are just fantastic! We should also note that the cartoon Bluey is amazing and is the household favorite in our house.

The show is Australian and about a family of cartoon dogs that get into all-sorts of relatable family issues. They also teach valuable lessons and sneak some humor into the show that I think adults will enjoy.

The toys themselves are based on the characters and adventures of the TV Show. Here are some personal reviews about the toys and the experiences my two sons have had playing with them:

And of course, an amazing review about all of the best Bluey Toys that are available today:


KidKraft Train Tables

KidKraft Adventure Town Train Set

If you are looking for a fun gift that is going to take up some major space in your household, we would recommend taking a look at KidKraft Train Tables! All joking aside, these train tables will take up some space – but KidKraft designs them to be a lot of fun and designs them to have some great artwork to encourage imaginative play.

KidKraft also has a number of different train tables that you can pick from. They come in different sizes and designs, so it isn’t difficult to find a train table that would be perfect for your situation.

Here is the story behind the train table we currently have in our basement playroom: The KidKraft Grand Central Station Train Set Review.

Our train table is so old they don’t actually make that model anymore, so here is a much more updated list of the different KidKraft Train Tables you could purchase for a great gift idea in 2021!


Disney’s Color Changing Cars

Disney's Cars Color Changers

With three very popular movies, some fun animated shorts, and a new series planned for 2022 on Disney+, you could say that the Cars franchise has been a major success for Disney. When a cartoon becomes a very popular kid’s franchise, you better expect that same cartoon to become a very popular toy line.

Why these Disney’s Cars Color Changing Cars make such a great gift idea is because of the numerous character options you have to select, but also the uniqueness of this toy. These fun color changing cars will have one color scheme, will get dipped or squirted with water to change colors, and can go back to the original color scheme when dipped in cold water.

There are also other cool Cars Color Changing toys – such as the color changing car wash where you can drive the car through a car wash to change its color. These types of toys are just a major hit with kids, and you can even race the cars themselves in an epic toy car race.

There are so many different options in this Color Changing Car Toy Line, so we would encourage you to check this article out:


If you want something a little different from Cars – how about an awesome Cars Race track. Check out this review:

The Cars Florida 500 Speedway Review

Lion Guard Toys

Most of us parents with younger children can remember the joy and trauma we went through watching the Lion King for the first time. And of course Disney Jr. had to recreate a show to capitalize off of our memories: Disney Jr.’s the Lion Guard. The show is a little bit older, but the toys are still awesome.

What is neat about this series of toys is that there are multiple playsets, training lairs, and figure sets to pick from. Plus, you can also select some of the best stuffed animals you could imagine.

Here are some of the Lion Guard Toys we have enjoyed the most in our home:

And if you want to see 14 of the coolest Lion Guard Toys, check out this list –


Scooby-Doo Toys

Playmobil Mystery Machine Playset

I can’t think of a cartoon that has done a better job of standing the test of time than Scooby-Doo. Sure, there has been some missteps like having a series where Scrappy-Doo is the main character, but you can see the how popular Scooby-Doo is based on the success of the live-action movies.

And like we said before, with popularity comes an overwhelming amount of merchandize. And there are some amazing Scooby-Doo toys ranging from mystery mansions to spooky graveyard adventures, to Mystery Machine Playsets that children are going to want to have.

One of those Scooby-Doo toys that has become a major hit in our household would be the Playmobil Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine! Read that review to learn more about it! We have also enjoyed the Playmobil Scooby, Shaggy, and Ghost Playset.

For the rest of a long list of great Scooby-Doo toys, check this link out:


Pirate Toys

Fisher-Price Pirate Ship Toy - best toy gift ideas for 2021

I think that most kids go through a pirate phase, or at least they have a friend or two that decides they want to play pirates all the time. I can’t blame them, pirate ships, cannons, swords, treasure, flags, treasure maps – that seems like a lot of fun things for children. As long as they are in toy form.

As you can imagine, there are literally dozens and dozens of different pirate toys that could pick from. Our goal was to give you a list of the best Pirate Toys – and I think we did!

Check out that link below which includes everything from toy pirate figures sets, to toy pirate ships, to awesome Pirate LEGO sets!


Disney Jr T.O.T.S. Toys

T.O.T.S. Toy Stroller

Judging by how many different Disney Jr. themed toys we have included on this list; I’m starting to think we watch too much TV. And one of those TV shows that has become very popular with children is T.O.T.S. Who doesn’t want to watch two birds delivering cute babies to families?

What is neat about these T.O.T.S. toys is you got some great figure sets, play trains, baby animal carriers, strollers, and adorable stuffed animals that you can purchase. There is basically a toy for every situation that a child should enjoy.

Here are some of the great T.O.T.S. Toys Reviews that we have done:

KidKraft Toys

KidKraft Space Adventure Rocket

Don’t worry, I still know how to read – and I realize we already have KidKraft Train Tables and KidKraft Kitchen Sets on this list. But did you know that KidKraft makes a number of different toy sets that are hugely popular with children?

We are talking playsets that include large dollhouses, pirate ships, space shuttles, fire stations, garages and racetracks, baby cradles, and even tool workbenches!

You can basically find a durable version – normally made out of wood – of just about any type of toy you child would enjoy!

To help you out we created a big list of all the best KidKraft Toys:


Muppet Babies Toys

Muppet Babies Toy School Bus

Being a kid that went to Kindergarten starting in 1989 and continuing into 1990 – one of the cartoons I didn’t want to miss on a Saturday morning was the Muppet Babies. And to get millennial parents to buy toys and watch TV shows that remind them of their youth, Disney relaunched the Muppet Babies series a few years ago on Disney Jr.

And I did exactly what they expected me to do and made my children watch it and bought some of their merchandize. Well done Disney, well done.

There are some really fun Muppet Babies toys you can choose – ranging from a school bus, to the playhouse play set, to figure sets to get you all of the characters.

Here are some of those reviews to get you pointed in the right direction:

Mega Bloks Toys

Mega Bloks Lets Get Learning

I think most of associate Mega Bloks Toys with really young children and toddlers – and for the most part you are right – but they have developed some really cool toys for older children as well!

For the toddlers and younger children, you have some great block sets to pick from – but also dump trucks, ride-on-toys, Mega Blok train sets, and many more fun options to pick from. And you can see from these links to our personal toy reviews, that we have had some fun with Mega Bloks over the years!

For slightly older kids they even have HALO sets and some great lines from MEGA Construx that includes building sets featuring everything from Pokemon to Game of Thrones.

Check out some of these reviews for even more Mega Bloks Toy Ideas:

PJ Masks Toys

PJ Masks Pullback Motorcycles

Another TV show that kids can’t seem to get enough of is PJ Masks. Kids who become crime fighting heroes by wearing pajamas in the middle of the night – why wouldn’t kids love this!

Like all cartoons that have been on for a few years, there is a giant number of toys you are able to pick from. Everything from great figure sets, to big Headquarters, to flying and driving vehicles – heck they even have a line of toys based on their adventures on the Moon!

With such a great selection, you are sure to find something that your child is going to love! Here are a few of the PJ Masks Toys we have done reviews about:

We also have these great reviews of PJ Masks Toys:

Hot Wheels City Tracks

Hot Wheels Cobra Crush Set

Hot Wheels has been around since the late 1960’s – and they have created some amazing cars and toys. Heck, we all probably grew up with at least a couple of Hot Wheels cars.

With so many different Hot Wheels Tracks and toys out there, which ones should you pick? We tried to help you out by creating a few reviews and lists that will help.

For starters, if you want to find the biggest, baddest, Hot Wheels Track, start your search here: The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Review.

There are also these tracks that we have done personal reviews on:

And of course, the biggest list of all:



Between all of those lists, you are going to find some Hot Wheels Tracks you want!